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Adult Workouts To Improve Your Basketball Skills & Move Your Body Better Than Ever!
About Edwin Santiago
Getting Old Sucks...But It Doesn't Have To Be!

Hi! My name is Edwin Santiago.

I’m a Former Professional Basketball Player, Athlete, and currently a Movement & Performance Coach. I’ve helped hundreds of hoopers and athletes learn how to improve their movement patterns to become the most elite athletes they can be. 

I’m here to tell you the truth about why you might be struggling with playing basketball and feeling like your body is breaking down. Here is the biggest problem you are facing now. It’s the massive amount of time stretching before playing basketball that your body will start to move better all of a sudden.

Ask yourself this question…has your movement patterns improved after stretching before a basketball game? Let’s be honest, it probably has not changed that much. 

And you still feel the same no matter how much you stretch. It “feels good”, but it really doesn’t help your perform to your maximum ability. 

Are You An Adult Basketball Player Who’s Lost Their Hops?

Elite Hooper has the solution to get you jumping like when you were younger!

Our program and online training help adult basketball players over 30 regain the ability to jump higher, improve their vertical leap, and increase speed and agility on the court.

Act Now Before It's Too Late!
Is An Old Injury Or Nagging Pain Limiting Your Athletic Performance?

I’ve helped hundreds of people and athletes overcome issues like knee pain, plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, sciatic pain, hip stiffness, hip impingement, IT Band Syndrome, and SI (sacroiliac joint) joint pain. Performance limitations like running, squatting, deadlifting, lunging, bench pressing, and overhead pressing without having them use any of the traditional rehab methods that you would typically use, like static stretching.

Introducing….The Elite Hooper Skill Workouts!

If you are a hooper who wants to move more fluid, become more skilled, and have long-lasting change. I need you to understand this. 

The best part about Elite Hooper Skill Workouts is that if you work hard with your breathing, mobility, and strength exercises, you will start to feel results and feel amazing as you continue to incorporate the methods daily. 

Elite Hooper Skill Workouts Will Help:

* You improve your hip mobility
* You improve your back and spine mobility
* You understand how to attack a defender
* You read the defense behind your defender
* You shoot the ball better
* You learn how to warm your body up without having to static stretch
* You become more explosive
* You improve on counter moves
* You improve your footwork getting into your jump shot
* You master triple threat and jabs steps
* You feel confident handling the ball
* You improve your conditioning
* and much much more !!!

Only Working With The First 12 Hoopers!
So This Is Exactly What You'll Get With The Elite Hooper Skill Workouts!
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If you are over 30yrs of age and you love playing basketball and you struggle with tight hips and a lower back then you need this!